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Opper Fiber®?

Opper Fiber® is a symbol of quality and fiber technology merged into a cleaning and advertising tool that people of all ages can use.

What is Ultra - Opper Fiber®?

Ultra - Opper Fiber® is a proprietary blend of high quality microfibers.

What can Opper Fiber® clean?

Opper Fiber® can clean dust, grease, smudges off of mobile phones, Mp3 players, GPSs, LCDs, Plasma Screens, TVs, Camera Screens, Computer Screens, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Binoculars, and many more items.

What is Suede - Opper Fiber® ?

Suede Opper Fiber® is used mainly for larger size cloths because it has characteristics of being stiffer and thicker than our Ultra cloth for cleaning larger items as well as holding it's shape when held upright in laptops.

Can I wash my Opper Fiber® cloths?

Yes, they can be washed, we suggest mild soap and water.

Where can I get Opper Fiber® with my name on it?

Opper Fiber® is exclusively supplied/manufactured by Clothpromotions Plus® and distributed through our qualified partners. You may contact your local promotional products company or advertising specialist.

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